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Zi Yi could see those people chasing after her through the rearview mirror. Li Xiangnan was so angry that he stomped his foot.

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes as she pursed her lips; her expression was cold.

Those people just wanted to use her. Only a fool, like the original owner of this body, would be oblivious of it.

Zi Yi was a master of technology from the future. She was playing Interstellar Battle, when she did a space jump and transmigrated into this body which had the same name as her, and ended up in these backward times.

The original owner of the body was clearly brought up badly by her stepmother, who pretended to dote on her.

She was ignorant, infamous, and a privileged brat who always burned through money.

Hence, she ended up in bad company, who sought to ingratiate themselves upon her.

The original owner of the body had a highly revered grandfather and accomplished uncles on her mother’s side of the family tree, but her step-mother instigated her to sever ties with them.

In contrast, her stepmother’s biological daughter had been well-disciplined since she was young.

Zi Yi could not help scoffing gently when thinking about this.She sure was stupid.

How could she be so blind to her stepmother’s evil intentions?

Her phone kept ringing nonstop.

Zi Yi only stopped to answer the phone after she had familiarized herself with the car.

It was Li Xiangnan calling and his voice sounded annoyed.

“Miss Zi, you are supposed to meet Young Master Su and the others at the foot of Mount Li at 3:00 pm. Do you want to miss the race? If you don’t go, it will be deemed a loss. Let me remind you that if you lose, you will have to be Young Master Su’s woman.”

Zi Yi placed her finger on the disconnect button as she said calmly, “Who says I’m not going?”

Since the original owner of the body had made a bet, she was not about to lose.

She disconnected the call.

Zi Yi thought about where she could modify the sports car and drove away.

The fiery red sports car drove on the highway bound for Mount Li. It was so fast that it was quite the sight to behold.

It was currently 10:30 am. Zi Yi drove the car to a sports car service center that was near Mount Li, using the memory of the original owner of the body.

It was called Mount Li Sports Car Service Center.

A group of mechanics were idling around and chatting at the corner of the wall, when they spotted the fiery red Tuatara pulling up. They all whistled in unison.

They stared at Zi Yi dead on when they saw her getting out of the sports car.

“She is certainly made of gold!”

“She’s so pretty! Absolutely gorgeous!”

“Fat Sheep lives up to her name as the number one girl that all the rich dudes want to bed. Just look at her figure and face… Tsk tsk!”

They had nicknamed Zi Yi, ‘Fat Sheep’, behind her back. Every time she visited them, it was enough for them to live lavishly for almost half a year.

All of them ran ov

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