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The Siebel Tuatara’s hood was open and a woman with a hot body was bent over and holding a tool in her hand as she worked on the engine.

She was wearing a short leather skirt, so the moment she bent over, her long straight legs came straight into view and the skirt wrapped around her bottom even more.

It made his imagination run wild and blood madly rushed through his body.

“You are having a nosebleed.”

He Fei automatically touched his nose when someone softly reminded him. The moment he felt the blood, he cursed. How could he embarrass himself in front of Lu Jingye?

He Fei awkwardly said to Lu Jingye, “Don’t misunderstand. I am just feeling a little light headed. Hang on. Let me go wash up.”

He turned and ran towards the bathroom.

Lu Jingye veered his eyes away from He Fei and looked at the woman’s silhouette that was outlined by the fiery red car, before he walked over.

The mechanics that were passing her the tools sensed someone’s presence, so they turned around to look in unison.

They were instantly stunned by his powerful aura.

“Piston ring pliers.”

Zi Yi reached her hand out without even looking back.

A few seconds later, no one passed her the tool, so she angrily turned around only to make eye contact with a pair of deep eyes.

She instinctively scrutinized him.

The man was dressed in a suit. He was tall, handsome, and gave off a dignified aura.

Zi Yi quizzically asked, “Are you the boss?”

The original owner of the body had visited the workshop a few times. However, she found the place dirty and waited in the car each time. Since she left it all to Li Xiangnan, she had never met the boss before. She only remembered someone mentioning that the boss came from an important family.

Lu Jingye pursed his lips without replying as he looked at the gorgeous and confident woman, who was wearing her hair in a high ponytail. There was some engine oil on her face, her brows were raised slightly, and she had thick makeup on.

Zi Yi was in a hurry, so she assumed he was the owner of the workshop when he did not reply. “Perfect timing. Your employees weren’t able to find the tools I needed, so you have to help me.”

He Fei’s eyelids twitched the moment he heard this when he came back.

How could this woman have the audacity to order Lu Jingye around?

He hurriedly strode over.

Lu Jingye suddenly asked, “I heard you want its maximum horsepower to reach 3000 HP, top speed to reach 800 kilometers per hour, 0-100 acceleration capability of one second, and the tires changed to space synthetic ones made of XX.”

“Uh huh.”

Zi Yi went to take the piston ring pliers and went under the hood again. “I know you can’t do it, so I just need you to assist me.”

She added, “After I remove the parts, bring the gearbox top over. I want to hang the engine up. Also, get your staff to bring the parts I want asap.”


“Second…” He Fei watched in shock as Lu Jingye undid

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