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Zi Lian curiously angled her head to take a glance when Zi Yi kept playing with her phone.

She did not know what Zi Yi was doing on her phone and purposefully asked, “Are you playing a video game? This game looks so complicated. You are really cool for playing such a hard game.”

However, she sneered in her heart about how useless Zi Yi was. Despite being a lousy student, Zi Yi sure knew how to have fun.

Zi Yi turned her head sideways to glance at Zi Lian. The look in her eyes made Zi Lian feel uncomfortable.

She had a feeling Zi Yi was silently calling her an idiot.


Zi Lian inhaled deeply and told herself not to lower herself to Zi Yi’s level, in case she ended up as stupid as her. She acted as though nothing happened and asked, “I’m curious about how you met Young Master He. Why don’t you tell me about it?”

Zi Yi read as the hackers kept gossiping about how insanely secure Lu Group’s security was and replied without even looking up, “I don’t know him.”

“…” Zi Lian went quiet.

Zi Lian continued to breathe deeply. She was starting to grit her teeth a little behind her smile. “You must be joking. Why would he suddenly want to marry you if you don’t know each other? Don’t tell me he fell in love with you at first sight and wants to marry you?”

If that were true, Young Master He must have fallen for her beauty.

Zi Lian felt that she was pretty too. She was also more thoughtful and feminine than Zi Yi.

A bold thought suddenly crossed her mind as she pondered.

If she could visit the He family with them, the family would definitely like her more than Zi Yi. All she needed to do was put in a little effort and Young Master He might just fall for her.

Zi Yi glanced at Zi Lian as she gave an imperceptible smile.

Li Peirong and the rest of Zi Yi’s female relatives helped to select a whole bunch of outfits. After they went home, they were still worried and kept reminding Zi Yi to be on her best behavior and that the future of the clan was now in her hands.

Everyone stayed until 9:00 pm before they finally left.

After the relatives had gone home, Zi Xu called Zi Yi to the study and suddenly asked, “Do you want to marry into the He family?” He sounded as though he was seeking Zi Yi’s opinion.

Zi Yi looked at him and asked rhetorically, “Would you turn them down if I said no?”

“No.” Zi Xu frowned and felt displeased with her answer. “If you don’t go, I will send you to a girls’ boarding school to receive some proper discipline. That means three years of your life without any freedom and only studying. Do you want that to happen?”

Zi Yi stared at Zi Xu.

Zi Xu could not help feeling nervous. He softened his tone a little and said earnestly, “I know you like having fun, so I didn’t restrain you all these years. Think about it. I can’t let you live without restraint for your entire life, right?”

“You have to marry one day. Since Young Master He is the future head of the fami

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