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Zi Yi disregarded the look on Lu Jingye’s face and walked up to He Fei; she took her gold card and the bread roll from his hand, before she walked towards the sports car.

He Fei watched as her sports car drove away. He looked at the busybody as he touched the slobber on his chin. “No wonder I like her. She has so much personality.”

Lu Jingye moved his eyes away from the disappearing sports car, checked his watch, and cruelly said, “You have ten minutes to pack, then we leave.”

He Fei became speechless, “…”

He had totally forgotten about this!

Many luxury cars had already pulled up, when Zi Yi arrived at Mount Li. The place was also packed with people.

Bodyguards were sealing the road and among them were ingratiating voices everywhere.

Everyone turned around to look when the bright red Siebel Tuatara pulled up.

The moment Zi Yi got out of the car, Li Xiangnan and the bad company she was in surrounded her.

“Why did you only get here now?”

Zi Yi disregarded Li Xiangnan’s angry face and looked at the rich men’s sons walking towards her.

Su Ci was walking at the front of them as he checked her out and whistled like a hooligan. “I thought that you didn’t dare to come.”

Zi Yi looked at him coldly. “How are we going to compete?”

Su Ci spoke deliberately, “Wow. You sure sound confident today. You must have come prepared.”


A surge of laughter came, before one of the other privileged young men chimed in.

“Maybe Zi Yi thinks she can really win just because she bought a new car today.”

“Perhaps Zi Yi feels confident today because her racer will get possessed by a race god today.”

“I think Zi Yi wants to date Su Ci but is too shy to admit, so she decided to come for the race!”


Zi Yi asked once more, with an even colder expression while they laughed, “How are we going to compete?”

Perhaps no one had ever seen her so serious before, so they surprisingly stopped laughing.

“Didn’t we agree that you will be my girl if you lose?” Su Ci stared at Zi Yi’s mesmerizing face as he teased, “Of course, you have the choice to just agree to it and we can call off the race.”

Zi Yi’s expression was pure ice as she asked, “What do I stand to gain if you lose?”

These words left everyone in silence.


It seemed as though Zi Yi had said something so funny that he laughed until he was bent over and he exaggeratedly held his belly.

The moment he laughed, everyone caught on and started doing the same thing.

Everyone split their sides laughing.

Zi Yi frostily glanced at them.

Su Ci straightened his back after composing himself and said in disdain, “If you win, I will call you big sister.”

“Wow. That sure is a huge gamble, Su Ci!”

“Let’s all take a moment to imagine the sight of Su Ci calling Zi Yi big sister.”

“But we can only imagine it.”


Su Ci smugly blew his bangs away from his eyes and purposely

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