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The moment the cars drove off, the spectators went nuts.

The screaming, shouting, and sound of cheering were absolutely thunderous.

The racers showed off all kinds of driving skills, such as drifting and cornering. The screech of the tires left the crowd’s scalps numb and their hair standing on end.

When all the racers reached speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour, the noise from the F1 race was so deafening that it left their hearts palpitating and their ears ringing.

Zi Yi quietly left the racetrack. She could not stand the sound of the screaming women.

After Zi Yi walked out, she took out her phone and lowered her head as she calculated her winnings.

A confident and pleasant voice suddenly spoke to her, “Watch it there.”

Zi Yi hurriedly halted to avoid walking into the car in front of her and turned to look towards the voice.

She was surprised to see the man walking among some smartly dressed men. “It’s you.”

She instinctively studied him.

His suit and black silk shirt accentuated his broad shoulders and long legs. A dignified aura radiated from him and he gave off an intense professional charm.

He probably was not just the owner of a supercar workshop.

Lu Jingye was caught by surprise too. She was not wearing any thick makeup today and looked very pretty and pleasant.

He nodded at her and said, “Be careful when you are walking and stop looking at your phone.”

Zi Yi put away her phone and her lips curved into a smile before she teased him, “You are still as nosy as ever.”

The people walking beside Lu Jingye looked at Zi Yi in shock.

Who was this girl? How could she have the guts to speak to Lu family’s second son this way?

Lu Jingye pursed his lips and looked at her with his deep eyes.

Zi Yi waved before she walked around him. “But thanks for the reminder.”

The moment she finished speaking, she left.

Lu Jingye veered his eyes away from her disappearing figure and continued walking. He decisively handed out orders to the men around him, “Prepare two contracts. The first one is for the ownership transfer if they lose. The second contract is for buying back He Fei’s horse racing tracks after they win.”

His subordinates quickly realized his plans. They immediately and respectfully replied, “Okay.”

Lu Jingye continued speaking, “Find out who placed the biggest bet.”

A man swiftly checked using a tablet. “It’s Young Master Ou.” He added in surprise, “Someone shockingly betted over $6 million for Young Master He’s racer to win.”

Lu Jingye paused in his steps. “Find out who they are.”

Zi Yi waited outside the racetrack for almost ten minutes before Zi Lian hurried over like she had seen a ghost.

The moment she came over, she took out her phone and made a call.

Zi Yi walked up to Zi Lian and said after the phone call went through, “Time to go.”

The moment Zi Lian heard Zi Yi’s voice, her hand trembled so hard that her phone nearly fe

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