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Zi Yi laughed. Zi Xu was arrogant and selfish and was disliked by the Dou Family. Only the original owner’s mother was blind and insisted on marrying him, thinking that she had found true love. However, that true love of hers fancied the powerful social influence of the Dou Family instead.

The Dou Family had a clean and honest image. In the beginning, Zi Xu disregarded Master Dou’s words when he warned him not to use the Dou Family’s reputation to behave recklessly. In addition, he acted miserably before the owner’s mother. It was only after he was met with a few setbacks, coupled with the fact that his wife passed away, that he finally behaved.

Due to this, he had borne a grudge against the Dou Family.

He hated them and was afraid of them at the same time. Therefore, after Li Peirong married him, he paid no heed to Zi Yi.

Zi Xu felt that his dignity as a father was challenged when he heard her laughter. Out of anger, he howled, “Very good! It seems like you’re strong enough now, to know how to threaten your father! Then I’d like to see how a useless, ignorant and incompetent daughter like you, who is also accustomed to spending money without knowing how to earn it would be treated by the Dou Family!

After he said his piece, he hung up the phone.

Zi Yi blocked him once again after the call ended.

In the following two days, the items Zi Yi purchased from the black market were delivered one after another.

She had completed and set up the safety system of the whole villa before she then called Manager Chen at the Extreme racing club, and got him to deliver all nine cars.

Ouyang Ming had also tagged along when the cars were delivered.

When he looked at the ten supercars parked in her villa, he felt that his heart was bleeding.

“Say, aren’t you afraid of getting targeted with so many supercars in your house?”

Zi Yi gave him a cold gaze and thought for a moment before she spoke to Chen Tong. “I need some supercar parts. I’ll send the list to you when the time comes. Do see if you can help me get them.”

“Zi Yi, if the Extreme racing club is incapable of obtaining all the parts you want, then there is no other place in this world capable of doing so.”

Zi Yi looked askance at him.

Ouyang Ming spread out his hands. When he thought that since his sworn brother was no longer fond of her, there was no need for him to be polite. “The club is linked to the Lu Group’s automobile R&D Department. Even if they do not have the parts right now, the R&D Department can develop them for you as long as the money is in place.”

When he mentioned the words ‘money is in place’, he deliberately emphasized his upper class accent.

Zi Yi disregarded him and turned to Chen Tong. “Is it true that I can place orders for anything?”

“That’s right. Miss Zi can send me what you need. I just have to quote a price to you.”


After he finished the discussion with Zi Yi, Chen Tong left in advance as he ha

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