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Not long after Zi Yi returned, she saw the news that several people had been killed.

However, the police had found the camcorder she had hidden, which coincidentally caught the whole process of how those hooligans were murdered. Right now, the man and the women were wanted by the police.

Li Peirong had also learned the news of those hooligan’s deaths.

Upon receiving a call, Li Peirong panicked. “How could it be possible? Why were they killed? Did that slut do it? No, it’s impossible! That slut does not have such great capabilities. Perhaps she asked He Fei to do it.”

The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was that the police would find her and she could not sit still.

When Zi Xu returned in the evening, she asked, “Ah Xu, have the men you sent to locate Yiyi found her yet? I’ve been feeling anxious the whole day, as if something is about to happen. What if something happens to Yiyi?”

Zi Xu was so busy these two days and he did not have the spare energy to check on this matter. He only remembered about Zi Yi when Li Peirong asked, and gave the bodyguards a call.

When he learned that they had not managed to locate her, he began to worry and said to the bodyguards, ‘Continue searching. Contact the police if you still can’t locate her whereabouts.”

“Ah Xu, we can’t call the police.” Li Peirong hastily stopped him. “She might be with He Fei.”

Zi Xu flew into a rage. “If she had the capability to be with He Fei, she would have already been with him. Does she have to wait until she has a falling out with me before she gets together with him?”

“But… if she hasn’t been with He Fei for the past few days, then who would she be with?”

Li Peirong suddenly felt delighted. Could that slut have used her beauty to be a bed warmer for a wealthy man because she has no money?

Zi Xu seemed to have also thought of this. Anger and disappointment flashed across his face and he felt even more embarrassed that he had a daughter like her. He then spoke to the bodyguard on the other side. “Hire a private detective to find her. Bring her back when they locate her.”

Following that, he hung up and walked upstairs.

The moment Zi Xu left, Zi Xuan, who was sitting on the sofa and reading a book, looked up as she said unhappily, “Didn’t father say he would send her overseas? Why is he trying to bring her back? I feel embarrassed that she’s in this house.”

Li Peirong sneered. “Just you wait, she’ll definitely be sent overseas when they find her.”

“You must study hard. When you enter Metropolis University, and your father asks you what you would like, ask him for the company shares.”

Zi Xuan nodded, then lowered her head and continued reading her book.

In the following few days, Zi Yi continued to nest in her villa to build her robots.

Very soon, several housekeeping robots and bodyguards robots were completed.

The front yard had also been renovated and Zi Yi initially intended to pay

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