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Zi Yi had never seen someone having such a serious attitude when asking a question like that.

Whenever she saw him all prim and proper, her urge to cause trouble would creep forth. As a result, she nodded and said, “I’m out of money. You can transfer me the money now, it’ll be best to transfer more this time around.”

Lu Jingye looked into her brilliantly shining eyes, took out his phone, and tapped on it several times. Shortly after, the phone in her pocket vibrated.

It was a reminder she had specially configured whenever money arrived.


Can this man stop being so rigid?

“Lu Jingye, can I ask you a personal question?”


“Do you have a girlfriend?”


Zi Yi’s gaze sized up his handsome face that could incur indignation from both humans and gods and asked again, “Have you ever loved a woman before?”


“… How old are you?”


Zi Yi looked at him with a sympathetic gaze. “No wonder society is spreading rumors saying you aren’t fond of women. Could the reason possibly be…”

While speaking, her eyes subconsciously shifted elsewhere.

Lu Jingye finally could not maintain a straight face and turned his body away.

Zi Yi retracted her gaze and said, “You don’t seem to have any problems. Could it be a psychological factor?”

Lu Jingye said to her with a solemn expression, “As a girl, you should not stare at a man’s lower region.”

Zi Yi shrugged her shoulders. She had studied the human body structure before she arrived on ancient Earth. The models were all pseudo-reality figures and in fact, she did not have other ideas towards him.

However, when she saw Lu Jingye acting serious, the urge to make trouble surged forth again. She blinked her charming eyes and asked, “Since you’ve said so, why don’t I be responsible for you?”

Lu Jingye looked at her and anger swelled up for no reason.

Was she capable of making such jokes in front of anyone?

Such thoughts were too dangerous for a young woman. If she met someone with an impure mind, she would fall into a dangerous predicament.

She was his teacher’s niece and he had the responsibility to educate her.

When he thought of that, his expression darkened. He grabbed her wrist and headed outside.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Zi Yi looked at his serious expression and wanted to pull her hand back.

Lu Jingye simply lifted her by the waist and carried her away.

“Hey, Lu Jingye. If you don’t release me, I won’t be polite any further.” While she said that, she struggled and kicked her legs.

Lu Jingye tilted his head and watched her as he said, “Come to my place. I’ll teach you how to keep your distance from men.”


Zi Yi was mind blown.

Even though it was ancient earth, it was unexpected for there to be such an old-fashioned man in the current era.

That alone made her forget to struggle.

Lu Jingye easily carried her to the car. After he got in, he ordered the bodyguar

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