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The loud sounds came from the front yard. As soon as she opened the door, she heard fighting sounds.

She frowned in displeasure.

Did they treat her house as a public area?

Zi Yi stopped at an archway and coldly looked on at the fight.

A group of men in black radiating a murderous aura had surrounded a man with a mask.

A man in black threatened the masked man. “Hand over the item.”

The masked man’s gaze was cold and sharp. “Come take it if you’re so capable.”


The fight instantly started.

The masked man had a whip in his hand. With a wave, a strong wind pressure forced the men in black to retreat. Shortly after, they took out their guns and aimed at the masked man.

When gunshot sounds were heard, Zi Yi thought that the masked man was dead meat.

Unexpectedly, he did not escape. He dodged at fast speeds while he had brandished his whip even quicker.

The words, ‘ancient Earth’s Kung Fu’ suddenly surfaced in her mind. It was said that these types of martial arts were very powerful.

Just then, a man in black was sent flying by the whip and crashed next to the archway.

Right beside Zi Yi.

The man in black discovered Zi Yi at once. He looked up and they met gazes.

Zi Yi saw the killing intent in his eyes.

Just as she narrowed her eyes and had yet to raise the gun in her hands, a whip attack came over.

Shortly after, the man in black was rolled away, where he crashed against a nearby pillar and passed out.

Zi Yi looked up and immediately met gazes with the masked man.

“Return to your room.”

After he said that, he waved his whip and pushed Zi Yi a meter away.

A few bullets shot in the direction where Zi Yi had stood earlier.

Zi Yi raised the gun in her hand.

The masked man saw it and a trace of surprise flickered in his eyes. Shortly after, he turned around and continued to fight against the men in black.

Zi Yi was unconcerned despite the fact that someone saw her with a gun. She stood at the edge of the archway and fired shots at those men in black.

Bang bang bang!

The masked man stilled his whip when he saw those men fallen on the ground and turned to her.

Zi Yi’s gun was aimed at him as she wore an indifferent expression. “Trespassing onto private property and destroying my things. Say, how should I punish you?”

The masked man appeared as if he had not seen the gun in her hands. His eyes darkened, yet he only asked a question, “You’re not afraid?”

“Why should I be afraid?”

After she spoke, she pulled the trigger.

The next second, the masked man covered his left shoulder.

Zi Yi saw that no bullets had come out and furrowed her eyebrows, then she realized that she had used up all the bullets.

What made her unhappier was that man who had put on an act in such a serious situation.

The masked man seemed to have guessed her thoughts and coughed. “I’ll give you what you want. Just take me in for the night.”

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