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Ouyang Ming suddenly felt chills behind him and subconsciously turned to look behind.

His expression immediately changed and he even started to stutter. “S-second Brother. Why are you here?”

On the surface, Lu Jingye still looked gentle and elegant, but his gaze was sterner than what Zi Yi had seen in the past. It caused his entire aura to change.

He appeared very imposing.

Lu Jingye walked in with their gazes on him. When he saw the cars parked in the garage, he said to Zi Yi, “I took a trip down to Metropolis University today and heard about your achievements.”

Zi Yi curled her lips. “What about it? Are you here to congratulate me?”

Lu Jingye looked at her with gentle eyes, but the depths of his eyes seemed to be sizing her up.

Zi Yi allowed him to do as he pleased.

Ouyang Ming found it hard to stay any longer. Except for one or two individuals who were unafraid of Lu Jingye, no one else dared to approach him within their circle.

This was only something people in their circle knew about.

When Second Brother turns fierce, not to mention about them, even their parents would be overwhelmed.

“Since Second Brother is looking for Zi Yi, then I shall not bother you two.”

Ouyang Ming intended to leave at once.

“Hold on.” Zi Yi stopped him. “If you lose, give me your bar.”

Ouyang Ming was enraged. He turned around with the intention to rebuke her.

Woman, you’re pretty greedy!

But he dared not speak up under Lu Jingye’s gaze. In the end, he could only gnash his teeth and said, “You have not agreed to my condition yet.”

“I’ll agree.”

“Alright,” Ouyang Ming said in a heavy tone. “I will get someone to sign you up. You have to be recommended by a racing team for such competitions and I happen to have one. At that time, I will register you under my team and get someone to contact you on what to do.”

Having said his piece, he left in big strides.

His appearance was as if he feared he would be out of luck if he delayed his departure for even a second.

Zi Yi then turned away from Ouyang Ming and coincidentally met gazes with Lu Jingye’s disapproving eyes.

“You should not have made such a bet with him.”

“Do you think I’ll lose?” Zi Yi raised her chin and had an expression of confidence.I will never lose.

Lu Jingye looked at her appearance and pursed his lips.

When she saw that he remained silent, she asked curiously, “Didn’t you come to congratulate me?”

“Yes. Your grades are very surprising.”

When Lu Jingye heard that she scored full marks in her examination, he even specially took a look at her papers. Just by reading through her composition, he was sure that it was written by her.

But to his surprise, when he showed the papers to his teacher, he dismissed that thought and confidently said that they were not written by Zi Yi.

The real Zi Yi was not fond of studying from a young age and regardless of how gifted she was, she could not have possib

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