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Chapter 100: Such Coincidence

Zi Yi clicked her tongue at the scene before she stepped on the accelerator and soared across the road right in front of them.

Qin Yi was surprised when he saw the racing car which flashed past them. “It’s unexpected to see someone taking a joyride in the financial district.”

Lu Jingye looked in the direction of the car that had disappeared without commenting.

Qin Yi turned his gaze away and said with a smile, “Second Brother, it’s a rare opportunity that Qiaoqiao and I have met you today. You’re a busy man and it doesn’t matter if you’re busy on usual days, but it’ll be lunchtime soon. At the very least, you should give us some face and have a meal together with us?”

Qin Yuqiao looked at Lu Jingye with expectant eyes and added on. “That’s right, I’ve been abroad for so many years. No matter what, you have to hold a welcoming meal for me.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head in response. “Sure.”

Shortly after, he asked, “What would you like to eat?”

Qin Yi said, “Since it’s a welcoming meal for Qiaoqiao, we should let her choose.”

Qin Yuqiao pursed her lips and smiled. “I’ve not returned to the country for several years and I don’t know which restaurants are good.”

“Then let’s have Western cuisine.” Qin Yi suggested.

However, Qin Yuqiao was unwilling. “I’ve already had three years’ worth of Western food. Now that I’ve returned home, I want to eat the food from here.”

Qin Yi laughed. “You were the one who left for three years!”

Qin Yuqiao looked at Lu Jingye with a worshipful gaze. “Second Brother, you should decide.”

Lu Jingye nodded. “There’s a pretty good restaurant near the financial street. Let’s go there.”

“Sounds good.”

After Zi Yi left the financial street, she started to feel hungry and randomly looked for a nice-looking, high-end restaurant

She placed an order and ignored those peeping gazes. After which, she took out her phone and watched the robot exhibition.

Only then did she realize it was the original owner’s Second Uncle who led the team, Dou Xiaoyong.

Just then, there were approaching footsteps within hearing distance.

Zi Yi looked up and coincidentally met gazes with Lu Jingye’s deep eyes.

She wanted to pretend as if they were unacquainted.

The moment he saw her, he was bound to meddle in her affairs once again.

“Hi, what a coincidence.”

Under the gaze of his deep eyes, Zi Yi greeted him in the end. Immediately after, she looked down at her phone with an expression as if to say ‘we’re not close’.

Lu Jingye asked, “Why are you here?”

Once again, she looked up at him and smirked. “Take a guess.”

“You went to find Ouyang Ming.” When he recalled the bet she made with Ouyang Ming yesterday, his eyes revealed disapproval.

He felt that he had the obligation to help his teacher lead her back onto the right path.

As a young lady, how could she make that kind of bet with a man?

Just then, Qin

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