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As someone in the racing circle, they have seen a fair share of handsome and beautiful individuals. However, those people paled in comparison, compared to the two people who just walked in.


The men loudly swallowed.

The women could not resist themselves and directly covered their mouths as they screamed, “Gosh, so handsome!”

Zi Yi thought Lu Jingye would dislike being surrounded by so many fervent gazes. She tilted her head and glanced at him, only to find out that his expression was still that of his usual calmness.

Soon, some had realized that the man was Lu Jingye.

The bar manager hastily went over to welcome them. “Good evening… May I ask if you are Second Young Master Lu?”

Zi Yi smirked when she saw the manager carefully asking. In all seriousness, she answered on his behalf. “He’s not. He just bears some resemblance to Second Young Master Lu.”

Those who eavesdropped on their conversation also found it to be true.

“How could Second Young Master Lu possibly come to a bar?”

“If he were to visit one, he should be going to a high society gathering bar instead.”

“That’s right. However, he really resembles Second Young Master Lu!”

“What’s the use of looking like him? Second Young Master Lu can earn hundreds of millions in minutes. This guy would be a kept man at best. ”

“That’s true. I believe as long as you are a woman, you would want to keep a boy toy with his appearance.’

“Perhaps it’s that man who is keeping that woman.”

The manager led Zi Yi and Lu Jingye to a booth, said a few words, and left.

Zi Yi listened to the discussion surrounding them. She deliberately leaned towards Lu Jingye and asked, “Say, so who is keeping who?”

Lu Jingye had a stern expression as he said, “This joke is not funny at all.”

“Che~” Zi Yi found his response uninteresting. “You’re a really boring person.”

She then waved to the waiter. “Bring us some alcohol.”

“I wonder what you would like to drink?”

“Bring out your signature alcohol will do.”

After Zi Yi said that, Lu Jingye spoke. “The one with the lowest alcohol content.”

The waiter’s hand slightly paused for a second as he wrote. He snuck a glance at Lu Jingye before he subconsciously wrote per his order.

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye in discontentment. However, she did not say anything.

Very soon, the waiter served the alcohol.

Zi Yi drank while she listened to other people discussing the racing competition.

“Several country’s champions would be participating in the international REYDM racing competition this time, and I feel that our country’s racers are just there to fill up the slots.”

“I highly doubt that. Our country’s ace teams are also participating this year. Moreover, our team’s racing results are pretty good. We’re only lacking in terms of individual competition.”

“I heard that the Whirlwind racing team spent a ton of money to poach a powerful racer? Perhaps that person can creat

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