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After such a huge incident happened, the He Family got wind of it very soon.

Before He Fei regained consciousness, his father had sent someone to fetch He Fei and Zi Xu.

The crowd had also dispersed very quickly.

In the end, Zi Yi was forgotten and left behind.

She walked out of the bar, held her phone, and pondered if she should take a taxi back to the hotel or tour around the Capital to familiarize herself with the environment here.

Just as the thought came to her mind, a car drove over and stopped by her side.

The backseat window rolled down and revealed Lu Jingye’s handsome and elegant face.

“Get in, I’ll send you home.”

Zi Yi looked at him and stayed still. “Are you pitying me?”

“Do you think you need someone’s sympathy?”

Zi Yi laughed at his response. She opened the door and sat inside.

The car then drove away at once.

Zi Yi took out her phone. She originally intended to hack into the He family’s security to see how they would resolve this incident. However, there was an outsider next to her so she changed her mind. She decided to check it when she returned to the hotel.

On the other hand, she was interested to know how Zi Lian had drugged herself and so, Zi Yi hacked into the bar’s CCTV.

She saw Zi Lian pouring the drug into a glass, then raised it as if she wanted to drink it. In the end, she marked the glass.

Zi Yi sighed.

This woman had a meticulous personality.

But regardless of how meticulous she was, she could not possibly escape from them checking the CCTV and discovering this.

Zi Yi deleted the video out of kindness.

Just then, the driver’s voice sounded from the front. “Young Master, there’s a traffic accident ahead of us.”

“Check for other possible routes to the hotel.”

“I understand.”

While the driver checked, Zi Yi had also followed suit.

She picked a route and showed it to Lu Jingye. “Let’s go by this route. It’s nearer.”

Lu Jingye nodded and said, “Go by XX road.”

The driver then turned the car onto another road.

The road she pointed out was very remote. A section of it was the back streets of hotels, and on the opposite side was an abandoned housing estate that would soon be demolished to make way for a new high-class estate.

In the middle of the alley was a place that sold breakfast. When the night fell, there was rarely anyone who walked past.

After the car drove into the alley, the streetlights were obviously much dimmer.

When the car came to the middle of the alley, Zi Yi suddenly said, “Your car is being targeted.”

At the same time, the driver said, “Young Master, there’s an ambush nearby.”

Lu Jingye glanced at Zi Yi in surprise, then he took out a wireless Bluetooth earpiece from his pocket and placed it in his ears. The other party said something and shortly after, he said to the driver, “Drive the car on auto at the corner ahead. We’ll jump out.”

Zi Yi looked at him.

Lu Jingye said to

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