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He Fei’s words caused Zi Lian’s expression to change from shock to disbelief and lastly, fury. In the end, her face turned ashen, and she started bawling.

Li Peirong was stunned. She looked at He Fei in anger. “Fourth Young Master He, even though Lianlian’s family status is not as high as the He family’s, you can’t trample on my niece like this and refuse to admit your wrongdoings!”

“I am telling the truth!” He Fei was honestly angry. He pointed at Zi Lian. “When I discovered I was drugged last night, I intended to resolve it myself in the restroom. I didn’t expect her to follow behind me and tell me about how the woman I liked was unbearable in the past. And that I should choose her instead of Yiyi.

Out of anger, I pulled her inside.

However, she pounced on me the moment the door was shut. At that time, I was drugged and my restraint was almost nonexistent. She then started undressing.”

In the end, as she was not someone he liked, he had used a great deal of his restraint to tear her away.

When he thought back to the incident last night, he became furious.

Zi Yi looked at Zi Lian who wore a humiliated expression as if she no longer wished to live and shook her head deep down. She did not understand why ancient people on Earth would go through so many twisted roads to get a relationship. In the interstellar era, the strong were respected. As long as one was strong enough, they could have everything they wanted.

She turned towards He Fei who had an expression of being wronged and decided to use the method which people from the interstellar era would use, on him.

“He Fei, let’s talk outside.”

Zi Yi then stood up and walked outside with He Fei following behind her.

When they left, Li Peirong looked at Zi Lian with a strange gaze. “Lianian, tell me. Was yesterday’s situation as per what He Fei said?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know… Hic.” Zi Lian was extremely panicked. She had been controlled by the drugs then and only wanted to give herself to He Fei. Subconsciously, she felt that he had done something. But when she took a bath last night, she felt something was wrong.”

She was already in a panic and now that He Fei had ruthlessly revealed the truth, she was so ashamed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide inside.

Li Peirong knew what had happened from her reaction.

Her expression darkened and she scolded her. “Useless!”

“Hic…” Zi Lian looked up at Li Peirong. She could not believe what she just heard. But when she saw Li Peirong’s angry expression, she was shocked.

Why does Aunt Peirong have such an expression?

Li Peirong no longer wanted to pretend in front of her niece. “Since you like He Fei, why didn’t you do things more carefully?”

Zi Lian widened her mouth. She was somewhat in disbelief that it was her Aunt who said those words. “Aunt Peirong, you… you support my marriage with He Fei?”

“Of course.” Li Peirong caressed her head. “What kind of family is the He famil

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