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The invigilator stood behind Zi Yi during the second exam and watched with his eyes open wide as she completed the questions.

Everyone looked at her pitifully.

This girl had submitted her test script in 30 minutes in the last exam, so the invigilator must be angry.

Just as everyone started to envision Zi Yi losing her slot in the exam, the invigilator suddenly asked, “Are you ready to hand in your script?”

“Yes.” Zi Yi capped her pen before she packed up her things and stood up.

The invigilator gave way to her and even made a suggestion as she left, “The exam in the afternoon starts at 2:00 pm. Don’t be late.”

“Got it.”

The applicants were speechless.

This was not what they imagined.

It was only 10:30 am when Zi Yi left the exam hall. The moment she took out her phone, she saw notifications for a few missed calls.

Li Peirong and He Fei had called.

Zi Yi glanced at them and wanted to put her phone away, but Li Peirong suddenly called.

Zi Yi answered the call.

Li Peirong’s concerned voice came through the speaker. “Yiyi, the driver said you went shopping. Where are you? Why didn’t you answer my call? You spent the whole night out. Are you trying to worry me to death?”

Zi Yi trembled in disgust. Earthlings in ancient times were shockingly capable of pretending to be concerned, even if they hated each other.

She was genuinely impressed.

She said nothing, so Li Peirong added, “Don’t be angry with your father. He was a little harsh on you because he is in a bad mood.”

A thought suddenly crossed Zi Yi’s mind and she asked, “Aren’t you going back to City S today? Why are you still here?”

Li Peirong went quiet briefly before she replied, “How could we go back without you?”

Zi Yi certainly did not buy a single word. She merely acknowledged what she said before she herself said, “If that is all, I am hanging up.”

Li Peirong hurriedly said, “When are you coming back?”

Li Peirong neither told her to come back to the hotel immediately nor shared how angry Zi Xu was. Zi Yi just knew that something must have happened.

Sure enough, Li Peirong finally said, “We will be staying in the capital for a couple more days. Why don’t you come back in the afternoon?”

Zi Yi acknowledged Li Peirong and hung up.

She hacked into Zi Xu’s phone records and went through the calls he received last night up until this morning.

Zi Xu had received a call from the He family this morning. It was shockingly a call from He Fei’s father.

He Fei’s father had invited him to tea.

Zi Yi’s eyes narrowed after she listened to the conversation recording.

Why did He Fei’s father suddenly call Zi Xu?

Zi Yi could not wrap her mind around what the ancients were thinking and decided to stop pondering about it.

It was still early, so she decided to check out some places near Metropolis University.

Since she was going to study here, she needed a place to stay.

There were a lo

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