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Zi Xu brought Zi Yi to a classic Chinese building. After they entered, she realized it was an opera house.

The opera on stage had reached its climax, so the audience below the stage clapped and cheered.

Zi Xu led Zi Yi upstairs.

The opera house was designed like a courtyard with private rooms built around it. The stage outside on the ground floor could be seen from every room.

Two bodyguards stood outside one of the private rooms. A bodyguard opened the door for them when they arrived.

“Mr and Miss Zi, Master He is waiting for you inside. This way, please.”

The two of them entered to see a middle-aged man sitting by the window and watching the opera.

“Master He.”

The middle-aged man turned to look when he heard Zi Xu greeting him.

Since the man resembled He Fei a lot, Zi Yi immediately knew he was.

Zi Xu told her, “Yiyi, this is He Fei’s father, Master He. Come over and say hello.”

Zi Yi greeted He Jingcheng with composure, “How do you do?”

He Jingcheng scrutinized Zi Yi before he pointed to a seat opposite him. “Come over and have a seat.”

Zi Xu and Zi Yi walked over and sat down.

He Jingcheng asked Zi Yi, “Do you like opera?”

Zi Xu glanced at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi ignored Zi Xu. Her eyes landed on the stage below. “I have never seen one before, but it looks interesting.”

He Jingcheng smiled profoundly. “Your grandfather loves opera. He swings by every now and then when he’s free too.”

Zi Xu looked a little awkward when he heard this.

Zi Yi was nonchalant. Li Peirong ensured the original owner of the body ended up incompetent, played truant, dabbled in car racing, kept the wrong company, and wasted her time. The host’s grandfather and uncles wanted to discipline her, but Li Peirong instigated her to turn against them.

Her mother’s family became absolutely disappointed with her and said they were washing their hands free from her.

Zi Yi looked at He Jingcheng. She knew there must be some reason he had invited them over tonight.

He Jingcheng smiled as he looked at Zi Yi and asked casually, “I hear you are attending university soon. Where do you want to go?”

Just as Zi Yi was about to speak, Zi Xu helped her answer. “She doesn’t have good grades. We will only decide after her results are out.”

He Jingcheng surprisingly nodded in agreement. “Grades don’t matter as much since you are a girl. You should just study something you’re interested in.”

Zi Xu chimed in swiftly. “Uh huh. That’s what I thought too.”

He Jingcheng looked at Zi Yi and changed the subject. “Fei keeps saying he likes you and insists on marrying you. What do you think about him?”

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes and wanted to speak, but Zi Xu butted in and replied on her behalf, “Even though she hasn’t spoken to him much, she has a pretty good impression of him…”

“Dad.” Zi Yi angrily tapped her fingers a couple of times. She finally interrupted him and looked at He Jingcheng as she said,

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