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After Zi Yi and Ouyang Ming finished their preparations, Ouyang Ming deliberately said to He Fei. “Ah Fei, be the referee.”

He added another sentence after he said that. “If you feel reluctant to see her lose, you can treat the rest of us as if we’re blind and openly favor Miss Zi.”

He Fei who was just about to rebut him heard what Ouyang Ming said and his expression darkened. He then looked in Zi Yi’s direction.

Zi Yi looked ahead and said with indifference, “This competition happened because I don’t like him. If you lose, you can just give me ten racing cars.”

The last sentence was clearly said for Ouyang Ming.

“Miss Zi’s appetite is quite big.” Ouyang Ming glanced at He Fei and sneered. “Ah He, you can’t possibly break our brotherhood just for this woman?”

Ouyang Ming turned towards Zi Yi after he said that and with a cold tone, he said, “If you lose, be my woman for a month.”

“You won’t have the opportunity.”

“We’ll wait and see.”

He Fei frowned and a surge of anger rose. Among these two people, one was a good brother of his and the other was the one he likes. Yet, they had ignored his feelings and made such a bet!

He Fei clenched his fists and suppressed his impending anger.

Just then, a voice came from the side. “Brother He, don’t be angry. Yiyi has always been like this.”

He took her words to heart and he then started to doubt his judgment. Was he wrong? The Zi Yi he knew was not supposed to be like that.

Zi Yi tilted her head and glanced at Ouyang Ming.

The helmet shield was yet to be pulled down and Ouyang Ming looked at her with a contemptuous gaze.

Zi Yi turned back and said, “Let’s start.”

The two racing cars shot out when the horn sounded.

Ouyang Ming looked at the racing car that was equally matched with his. He planned to deliberately scare her when they reached a corner.

At the first corner, he made a 90-degree drift.

But the next second, his heart suddenly tightened.

Zi Yi did not make way, like other racers would do when their opponent was causing trouble. She charged forth with a fierceness similar to a hot knife cutting through butter.

The two cars nearly crashed against each other at a certain point.

If they were to crash, both cars would very likely fly out of control!

Ouyang Ming’s hand holding onto the steering wheel bulged with veins. His heart was clenched tightly.


The collision sound was not loud, and it could be due to the friction of when both cars slid past each other. But when it entered Ouyang Ming’s ears, it seemed as if his heart had been hammered. He nearly released the steering wheel. But in a situation where his life was threatened, he subconsciously tightened his grip.

Cold sweat continuously trickled down his forehead. Ouyang Ming felt his head buzzing while his heartbeat quickened.

He found it difficult to breathe.

Zi Yi completed ten rounds within ten minutes and stopped at the finishin

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