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Zi Yi walked over and stood behind the door to sense who was outside. When she did not detect any killing intent or malice, she opened the door a crack.

There were several men in black suits standing outside. They all gave off a strong aura, but were different from those two who carried killing intent. Instead, they resembled men from a legitimate organization.

“What’s the matter?”

The men had not expected such a beautiful young lady to be the one opening the door.

One of the gentler looking men in a suit answered, “Miss, don’t be afraid. We’re here to search for someone.”

He then took out two photographs from his pocket. “They are internationally wanted criminals and I wonder if you have seen them before.”

Zi Yi shook her head. “I haven’t seen them.”

The man kept the photograph and reminded her. “Miss, if you’ve seen them, please call the police immediately. It will bring disaster to you and your family if you were to shelter these people.”


“Excuse us then.”

When they said their piece, the group of men left for another direction with big strides.

Zi Yi closed the door, turned around and walked inside.

When she arrived at the courtyard, she suddenly recalled that many of the items here had been used by those two men.

She decided to change everything except for the large pieces of furniture before she fully lived here.

When she thought of that, she returned to the room where she kept the electronic parts. She then quickly assembled a computer with the intact parts.

She spent the whole night placing orders online.

While Zi Yi was placing orders, two other groups suddenly came into the area.

Evidently, they were searching for someone.

And the people they were searching for were the two killers.

The men in black were the first to discover them.

“We’ve found them. They have been dealt with by someone else.”

A few people walked over and traces of shock flashed across their faces as they looked at the two killers, who had their faces covered in blood and their hands ruined.

“Who disfigured their faces?”

“There seems to be words carved on their faces.”

“Let’s bring them back first.”

Just as those men left with the two killers, another group of people arrived.

“Give chase. They were taken away not long ago and we cannot let our people fall into their hands.”


When Zi Yi paid for all the items she wanted to buy, she checked her account balance, and swiftly entered a string of codes using the keyboard.

As soon as the codes were generated, the data on the screen scrolled past at fast speeds.

After about five minutes or so, she had deciphered the world’s largest black market trading platform.

The market sold everything she needed. Zi Yi placed orders for some parts to build robots, then ordered semi-finished parts that could be made intoAI1chips along with some auxiliary machines.

After she placed the orders, her card

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