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#20. The Abandoned Treasure

“Which is stronger, your army or that of the king of the dead?” Kim Jin-Woo could already guess the answer, but he had to make sure.

Uther hesitated for a moment before answering, “The army of the dead is very slightly superior to ours.”

“Slightly?” Kim Jin-Woo subtly pressured Uther to speak the truth.

The slime’s whole body began to wriggle and bristle with anger. “The army of greed may be inferior to your nagas, but we’re not as weak as you think!”

“You succumbed really quickly last time, though.” Kim Jin-Woo reminded Uther of how he had desperately bowed to Kim Jin-Woo when the latter had declared war.

Uther replied sulkily, “The nagas wield water and ice, which can counter the army of greed. We can withstand most attacks, but the chill of the nagas can freeze and shatter our bodies, even including the lump of greed.”

Kim Jin-Woo had been wondering how this pathetic labyrinth could survive on the ninth floor, but it seemed the slimes had a special defense mechanism. Uther, to vent his frustration, called one of his subordinates over and smacked him strongly.


The lump of slime let out a loud shriek, but it soon recovered its original shape. Judging from the way even the pieces split apart by the shockwave merged back into the main body, the army of slime was indeed immune to most attacks.

“We may not win, but we won’t lose either,” Uther remarked.

“I see,” Kim Jin-Woo said. Uther felt relieved when he saw the look of admiration on Kim Jin-Woo’s face. This blissful moment, however, was only momentary.

“It seems your army will be more useful than I thought,” Kim Jin-Woo continued. Uther suddenly trembled when he saw the look on Kim Jin-Woo’s face as the latter added, “Let’s talk again when I return.”

“But what are you planning to do…?” Uther asked cautiously.

Kim Jin-Woo didn’t reply. Uther wriggled and dripped slime all over after witnessing Kim Jin-Woo’s ominous grin.


Upon leaving the labyrinth of greed, Kim Jin-Woo immediately opened the portal and headed to the surface. He had an idea for how to use Uther and his army, but he first had to understand the situation on the surface, which he had been neglecting recently.

Kim Jin-Woo first gave Lee Jun-Young a call. She was still eager to help him with anything, as if she would never finish repaying the debt for saving her life. Furthermore, she was easier to deal with than Mr. Baek, with whom Kim Jin-Woo shared a complicated business relationship.

However, Lee Jun-Young’s phone was off today for some reason. Wondering whether she had left for an expedition in the underground world, Kim Jin-Woo hung up and called Mr. Baek instead.

{Finally a call. What in the world have you been up to?}

Mr. Baek answered the call almost immediately. His voice was sharper and more agitated than before.

“I had some matters to settle in the underground world.”

{Urgh. Any progress… No, just

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