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Chapter 13 Visiting Saint Girl

Ling Xi had lost nine of his ten lives in the last two days. It was because he was about to play the first role in his life - despite the fact that he was a dog with almost no lines - and Wu Youpeng had spent a large sum of money to specially invite an acting teacher to assist Ling Xi with the rushed job of his special training.

The issue was that Ling Xi had spent all of his skill points in this life on singing and handicrafts. As a result, he lacked a piece in both his IQ and EQ. His lines were not well memorized, and his physical performance was also very uncoordinated as a direct result of this deficit.

There were almost no props in the classroom during the acting classes. Many scenes had to be created out of thin air based on the physical movements of the performers.

The teacher said: "Ling Xi, perform artificial respiration."

Ling Xi acted like a rapist...

The teacher said: "Ling Xi, perform horse riding and whipping the horse."

Ling Xi acted like he was riding a bicycle...

The teacher said: "Ling Xi, act like a dying patient."

Ling Xi acted like a woman about to give birth...

The teacher's mother became ill and was hospitalized after more than a month of special training. The teacher had no time to be distracted teaching Ling Xi as a good son of twenty-four with filial piety, so the acting class was naturally suspended. This decision brought relief to both the teacher and the student. Taking acting classes and whatnots resulted in the greatest decrease in life expectancy!

Wu Youpeng was aware that Ling Xi had been experiencing mental stress recently, so he graciously excused him for two days so that he could rest. Apart from a little bit of low IQ, Ling Xi was a very worry-free artist at other times. He never went clubbing, never slept around or with fans, and never used drugs. Ling Xi would honestly lie at home for a day every time he went on vacation.

However, something unexpected happened this time, contrary to Wu Youpeng's expectations. Ling Xi actually left B City with a small bundle wrapped in cloth and went all the way to find his saint girl without telling him!

This bundle is called Baofu. Often used in anime when kids run away from home.


Ling Xi's flight to S city this time was entirely incognito. He was dressed casually in a T-shirt and shorts, flip-flops, a cap on his head, and non-prescription glasses on the bridge of his nose. He curled up in the last row of economy class, looking exactly like the other otaku college students on the plane.

When he and Wu Youpeng were flying in the past, no one could recognize him, but Wu Youpeng would always match his clothes and arrange his hairstyle. He wanted to make sure that "if someone really sneaks a shot of you, they'll take a picture of your best side." But this time, Ling Xi had left after devising a last-minute plan. He was eating breakfast and watching TV in the morning when he decid

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