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Chapter 4 The Boom Couple

Ling Xi impressed the director with his extraordinary expressive eyes. The director even personally sent him to Wu Youpeng who was waiting outside. After hearing that Ling Xi really passed the director's test and obtained this pleasing and easy role, Wu Youpeng finally let go of the anxiety in his heart.

"Although I am not married yet, I can already empathize with the parents of college entrance examination candidates." Wu Youpeng patted his chest. They could get the chance to audition for this role thanks to Wu Youpeng's connection with the screenwriter. Now that the director had approved Ling Xi's acting skills, Ling Xi's life in the crew would be better in the coming days. "Come on, tell me, how did you convince the director? It's strange. I have raised you for so long, why don't I know that you still have the talent for acting?"

Ling Xi licked the popsicle he just bought and thought for a moment. "The director asked me to express a naive and guiltless look like a puppy..."

"Oh! You don't need to explain." Wu Youpeng waved his hand: "This kind of mentally retarded look is what you are best at."

The two squatted outside the door for a while. An Ruifeng and his agent Xu Zhiqiang were sent out politely by the director. The coffee position[1]was different, and so the treatment was completely different. When Ling Xi auditioned, his agent could only wait outside; but An Ruifeng's agent could always accompany him in, and he also had a separate seat for rest.

Seeing An Ruifeng come out, Ling Xi rushed over at once, and was particularly warm in inviting him to lunch, saying that it was to thank him for his righteous help yesterday.

Xu Zhiqiang's face was very ugly: The current 18th tier small artist was really outrageous! He dared to hold his thigh in front of his agent? He firmly wanted to separate the other side when An Ruifeng's eyes swept over gently. Xu Zhiqiang didn't know what the expression meant, so he hesitated for a moment and did not dare to make any other movements.

An Ruifeng looked at the excited young man in front of him, and saw that the enthusiasm in his eyes was the real thing. He suddenly understood why the master in "Jian Jue Tianxia" did the arduous and thankless task of enlightening[2]a dog as an apprentice, and alsodotedthe most on that silly dog amongst all of the four apprentices.

So he smiled and suggested: "I just heard the director say that after the other actors have finished their auditions, the screenwriter will be asked to have a meal together. I don't think we should make a separate appointment. We should go with the director and the others."

Wu Youpeng was standing beside Ling Xi. Hearing this, his eyes lit up, and hurriedly said, "Then, that’s good[3]!" It seemed that An Ruifeng had a good impression of his family’s Ling Xi. He took care of him just two days after knowing him, and also took the initiative to take Ling Xi to the dinner party!

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