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Chapter 12 Li-ge

"Ruifeng, did you get the feeling this time?" With an awkward expression, the deputy director approached An Ruifeng and inquired. A large group of agents and assistants stood behind An Ruifeng, looking more intimidating than any actor in the room.

When the assistant director went to "invite" him personally, the other actors cast a faintly discernible obscure glance at him. Some of them were standing in groups of three or five, while others sat alone in a corner. An invisible wall appeared to divide the entire set into two teams of incompatible people.

An Ruifeng had been leaning on the recliner with his eyes closed, trying to figure out the character's mood. He clutched the script with both hands. He quickly opened his eyes and sat upright after hearing the deputy director's voice.

He took a brief pause before opening his mouth and saying, "Almost."

Upon hearing his response, several actors nearby exchanged snide smiles. Xu Zhiqiang, who was standing behind An Ruifeng, noticed the small movements between them, and his face was very ugly. Everyone here had debuted for a lot longer than An Ruifeng. For An Ruifeng, a semi-newcomer who had recently transitioned from the TV drama circle to the movie circle, everyone was a senior he had to work hard to catch up with.

"Then let's do it again." The deputy director spoke quickly. An Ruifeng nodded and walked to the center of the set, saying, "I'm sorry to bother you." He was dressed in all black from head to toe, and his muscular body was emphasized by the tight clothing. Despite the fact that he was in the dark[1], hewas so dazzling that he couldn't be ignored.

In comparison to him, the man who stood opposite him to enact the scene with him was unremarkable. He was the film's second male lead, and his name was Wang Li Li. When each word was considered individually, this name was very masculine, but when put together, it was extremely embarrassing[2]. As a result, everyone had a tacit understanding of calling him "Brother Li". Li-ge was a well-known golden male partner. He was in his forties, but he appeared to be in his early thirties. He was "down to earth". In his first few years in the film industry, he could only play insignificant minor roles. He had grown in popularity in recent years, but due to his true age, he could only play supporting roles.

"I'm sorry to bother you again, Li-ge." An Ruifeng greeted him with humility.

"En." Li-ge remained silent.

"Heroic Thief Saga" was a thoroughly "macho" film with a plethora of male characters. The story was set in the late years of the Republic of China. War was raging at the time, and people's lives were miserable. Some Academy of Classical Learning students were concerned about saving the common people, others were unwilling to face the gunfire directly, and still others were enjoying the pleasures of life as the descendants of warlords and moneybags... It was in this small academy that various p

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