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Chapter 3 He is the dog

In the entertainment industry, An Ruifeng could be considered as a mysterious person. An Ruifeng appeared out of the blue three years ago--as if he had fallen from the sky. No one knew which tree he was leaning on. In short, he had smooth sailing. He only participated in big productions and only had big ‘handsome guy’ roles. Almost overnight his "Maple[a]Leaf" (self-proclaimed by his fans) fell all over the floor, and his advertisements could be seen everywhere.

In the beginning, An Ruifeng's acting skills were very mediocre, but he was very handsome. In this era full of face-con people, if you were handsome and had the support of someone, how could you not be popular? Moreover, An Ruifeng also had ingenuity. His acting skills were polished after acting in a series of dramas. He was like a piece of jade, getting smoother and more transparent. Gradually, people stopped talking behind his back. No one dared to say that he relied on his face.

His sudden rise was not accompanied by the arrogance that ordinary stars would have. He was modest, kind and friendly to the people. Ling Xi originally thought that all the favourable criticism about him was from thewater army[b], but when he really came into contact with the other party, Ling Xi realized An Ruifeng was more powerful than he thought.

For example, at present—

Ling Xi felt that his smile freeze on his face. He didn't know where to put his hands and feet. The hand resting on his shoulder was burning hot. He felt like an icecream cone under the scorching sun, turning into a puddle of water in minutes.

"I didn't expect Ruifeng to have such a good relationship with Ling Xi. Did you two agree to join the crew of "Jian Jue Tianxia" together?" The female reporter with delicate makeup asked the two celebrities in a gentle tone.

Take a look!Comrades, take a look ah!

The evil "Prince Ruifeng" just flew to N City to participate in a cut and dried audition. Fans were welcome, but there were still several entertainment reporters rushing to interview!

When a small star like Ling Xi saw the reporters rushing over withspears and cannons[c], he wanted to slip away at the first opportunity, but Wu Youpeng grabbed him tightly and pushed him to Ruifeng’s side, before he could react. He made up his mind to let Ling Xi freeload the interview and exposure.

An Ruifeng's agent rolled his eyes to the sky with disdain!

However, An Ruifeng was quite good at acting like a gentleman. He actually put his arm on Ling Xi’s shoulder very intimately, and made a good gesture of intimacy between the two brothers. Ling Xi was sure those "Maple Leaves" on the gossip forum would explode that night. They would definitely turn over his career information since his debut, and then stamp him with the disgraceful ‘hugging thigh[d].’

An Ruifeng didn’t realize that Ling Xi was uncomfortable. After hearing the reporter’s question, he said with a bright smile: “I heard th

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