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Chapter Two The Sinner

In order to go to the toilet, Brother Sunglasses had already taken off his sunglasses, leaving only a large disposable mask to cover the lower half of his face. Although only the forehead, the eyebrows, and a pair of eyes were exposed, Ling Xi, who was keen to read entertainment gossip magazines, recognized the identity of Brother Sunglasses with just one glance--

Yo, wasn’t this An Ruifeng? The currently popular idol actor, who was in the limelight for the last two years?

An Ruifeng'sfacial features had very obvious mixed-race characteristics, especially those dark gray eyes that won him the hearts of many female fans. Ling Xi had watched his female fans fight several times. The fan fights of all other celebrities were unanimously external. They fought with rumored girlfriends, and fought with unscrupulous paparazzi. An Ruifeng's fans on the other hand fought internally--A boring post like “An Ruifeng’s best feature: his eyes or his lips?” could get more than 10,000 comments.

And now, those beautiful eyes struck at Ling Xi andXiao Ling Xi[a]in amazement. Ling Xi swore that he heard An Ruifeng gasp, then take a step back. He took the sunglasses out of his pocket again and placed them on the bridge of his nose.

Ling Xi thought: It’s too late! It's useless to wear sunglasses. I have already discovered your true identity. When I go back, I will login to my alternate account and post this latest news--'An Ruifeng disregards health in order to lose weight! Dark circles reach the chin!'

Ling Xi was busy staring at An Ruifeng's face intently. At this time, An Ruifeng's agent, Brother Xu, rushed up and held him behind his back to protect him, and said in a tone that was polite and alienated: "Sorry, we didn't know the bathroom was occupied. You can continue to use it, we will wait."

"Oh...oh, it's okay, it's okay, I've finished anyway." Ling Xi hurriedly pulled up his pants: "You use it, you use it." Ling Xi cleaned himself up and quickly opened the toilet door. Just as he passed them by, Brother Xu suddenly stopped him.

"Please wait a moment," Brother Xu said: "I didn't notice due to the bad light just now. Are you Ling Xi? The one who sang ‘Heart has Ling Xi’?"

Ling Xi was about to applaud him. Brother Xu’s full name was Xu Zhiqiang. He was a well-known gold medal agent in the circle, with rich experience and insight. He had already raised a movie emperor and two littlehuadan[b]. He was sleek but not sophisticated. Look, on the entire plane, only Xu Zhiqiang could name him.

... But at this time Ling Xi wished Xu Zhiqiang hadn’t recognized him.

"Yes." Ling Xi said dryly.

"Nice to meet you. You are also joining the crew of ‘Jian Jue Tianxia’, right?" Xu Zhiqiang continued to exchange conventional greetings with him: "I heard the director say that you had been invited to sing the end credits song, and you will also play one of the roles. Our Ruifeng has a guest appearance as the mast

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