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An Ruifeng's calendar was jam-packed. He was only able to make it to B city for the promotional shoot because he had specifically requested a day off from the director ofHeroic Thief Saga. He took an early morning flight from S city and rushed to the studio upon arrival in B city. The staff had escorted him to the dressing room for styling and make-up as soon as he arrived. He had to dash to the airport for his return flight as soon as he finished filming because he had to shoot an action scene early in the morning, which required him to wake up at three o'clock in the morning.

An Ruifeng couldn't even close the distance with Ling Xi to within five meters in this race against time. They had obviously been in the same studio for more than three hours, but the only communication they had was eye contact and gestures.

God knew how badly he wanted to know how it felt to have Ling Xi's furry ears go over the palm of his hand.

An Ruifeng glanced towards Ling Xi before getting into the car with his agent. Ling Xi, who was clearly speaking with a black technology company employee with his back to him at the time, abruptly turned his head and looked in the direction of An Ruifeng.

Neither of them had anticipated such an unspoken understanding. Ling Xi raised a wide, happy smile, and his big, happy eyes were bent into crescents. He was clutching his tail, and the two of them were too far apart to say anything. He considered it and simply expressed his meaning with a gesture - he held the tip of his tail and waved it toward An Ruifeng.


An Ruifeng smiled, he shook his phone, and then turned and got into the car at the urging of Xu Zhiqiang.

Half a minute later, Ling Xi received a text message on his mobile phone.

An Ruifeng: Help me ask the sponsoring company if the dog tail and ears can be sold.

Three minutes later, he received a response.

Ling Xi: According to him, there are only a few prototypes, no mass production, and no sales.

—A frustrated little expression appeared next.

An Ruifeng: Then inquire as to the cost of the prototype.

Ling Xi immediately reported the figure. He was distressed by the long train of zeros at the back. Even after a month of hard work, a small singer like him might not make so much money.

An Ruifeng: Then ask him if I can just buy it for myself. I can sign an agreement to prevent the relevant product secrets from being leaked. Ask him if the company will sell it for five times the price.

Ling Xi: Σ(っ°Д °;)

An Ruifeng: Be good, go ask.

This An Ruifeng - wealthy but nowhere to spend it - blinded Ling Xi. He obediently acted as Ruifeng’s mouthpiece several times. The black technology company's staff had most likely never seen such a wealthy celebrity buyer before. He got in touch with his boss repeatedly before they finally agreed to sell a prototype to An Ruifeng after much back and forth.

The power of money is truly great!

Ling Xi: They’re reque

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