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Before An Ruifeng could even approach Ling Xi to compliment him on his incredible makeup, the staff came out and asked An Ruifeng to put on makeup in the dressing room.

An Ruifeng and Ling Xi were separated by more than a ten-meter gap. One stood in the midst of the throngs at the door, while the other stood in the spotlight in front of the camera.

An Ruifeng had no choice but to mouth "very handsome" to Ling Xi and then point to the staff beside him. With his left hand raised, he made a small figure walking gesture with his index and middle fingers pointed downwards.

His exaggerated gestures amused Ling Xi. He gave an OK signal, paused for a moment, and then mouthed the phrase "You are also very handsome," returning the compliment.

Behind him, Mother Wu reached out angrily and pressed down his dog tail.

Ling Xi turned his head, only to see Wu Youpeng holding his tail with both hands, and asked him curiously, "Does this tail feel so good? Isn’t just touching it enough for you? Why are you holding it so tightly?"

"I’m afraid if I don’t hold it tightly, you’ll inadvertently take off because it's wagging so fast," Wu Youpeng said, deadpan.

"..." Ling Xi’s ears turned red with embarrassment: "I'm not a helicopter."

"Do you think you'd takeoff straight? You’ve almost turned into a bent flyingji!" [机 = ji, machine]

"...Whichji?" [基 = ji, base, gay in slang]

"Whichjido you think it is?" [机 = machine]

For a long time, the two people argued quietly. The little dog in Ling Xi's arms kept looking up at their squabbling and even barked twice as if to express his opinion. The scene looked exceptionally harmonious. When the photographer's assistant arrived to help Ling Xi in tidying up the clothes, he complimented them on their good feelings. The assistant stated that he had photographed many celebrities, but he had never seen a celebrity and an agent who had a relationship as strong as a family.

Wu Youpeng was furious: "The reason I care so much about him is because I'm always afraid that this fool will be duped one day."

Ling Xi was incensed: "What has caused your mood to become so agitated? Are you getting ready to give a speech as the best man at my wedding?"

Ling Xi's words were very rude, but the tail behind him had drooped. Even when he posed for the promotional photos, his tail did not wag as energetically as it had previously.


An Ruifeng appeared to have lost his soul while applying makeup. Although he was not a talkative person, he always chatted and joked with the makeup artist when he put on makeup. They even teased each other with the friendlier staff. But today he was completely silent from start to finish, like a beautiful and obedient doll. It was clear that he was lost in his thoughts.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to see the man dressed in green smiling at him. The twitching dog ears on his tilted head, as well as the fluffy tail swinging rhythmica

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