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Chapter 15 Popo[1]and mama

What Xu Zhiqiang said was far too obvious. Even if he had the same thick skin as Ling Xi, he felt a little ashamed. Relationships in the entertainment sector were tumultuous, not just between men and women, but also between men and men. As long as two single male stars of the correct age were together, there would be some type of rumor the next day.

Although Ling Xi didn't believe he and An Ruifeng had any questionable friendship, keeping a safe distance in the intimidating entertainment circle was unavoidable.

... Perhaps An Ruifeng would face trouble by this visit.

Ling Xi was taken aback, and his head sagged as he wilted. He couldn't figure out where to put his hands and feet. When he looked into An Ruifeng's eyes, he temporarily lost his senses. He would have made a huge mistake if it hadn't been for the little bit of sense in his heart stopping him from jumping off the cliff in time.

An Ruifeng'sstare slashed like a knife towards Xu Zhiqiang at the key moment: "Stop babbling, you're not my mother."

Xu Zhiqiang retorted: "Hehe, I don't want to be his mother-in-law either."

Ling Xi recalled the two blood capsules and reasoned that they should have been bitten right now to prove his innocence.

Xu Zhiqiang turned to face Ling Xi, looked him in the eyes, and inquired: "I genuinely admire you. How do you always arrive so coincidentally? This morning, the director informed me that he had summoned a few reporters with whom he is acquainted to pay a visit to the crew. I also summoned a large number of fans to give Ruifeng a boost. When you arrive, they will notice you."

"..." Ling Xi felt that his recent luck was truly overwhelming.

The three of them exited the set and proceeded to the gate. Ling Xi did not forget to retrieve the salmon suitcase he had designed from the assistant girl before departing. The girl was reluctant to part and touched the simulated fish slices on the suitcase while wiping her drool. She asked regretfully, "Where did you buy this suitcase? How much did it cost? Is packaging and shipping included?"

An Ruifeng opened his mouth before Ling Xi could speak: "Not for sale, priceless, Human Flesh Express[2]."

Ling Xi admitted that the phrase "priceless" made him happy. A man dies for a confidant, while a woman dies for someone who makes her happy[3]. What could make him happier as a classy sushi master than his friend confirming his craftsmanship? After obtaining the salmon sushi suitcase, An Ruifeng did not let go of it for a minute. He constantly commended Ling Xi's inventiveness and stated that when he joined the team of "Jian Jue Tianxia," he would bring the bag to show the other crew members.

Popo Xu's eyes dripped with resentment.

The press conference for "Heroic Thief Saga" was held in a big pavilion located a short distance from the studio. To keep the narrative of the film a secret, the director not only barred reporters from visiting the

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