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Chapter Six Harem of three thousand

Hong Kong Island was extremely hot in June. People couldn’t wait to plunge into an air-conditioned room and wait for sunset before coming out again. But as a star, An Ruifeng rarely had the right to be lazy in the past two years.

At the beginning of that year, An Ruifeng had won the endorsement of a menswear brand. The contract was signed for three years. Although the endorsement fee was not up to the level of being considered "astonishing", it was still extremely generous. In June, this men's clothing brand was set to enter the Hong Kong market. The three-story flagship store was located on the most popular commercial street on Hong Kong Island. As the spokesperson, An Ruifeng had taken a flight after the audition in N City yesterday and arrived in Hong Kong.

Today he woke up at five in the morning for the fitting, make-up, and styling. It would be wrong to suppose that male celebrities were worry-free compared to female celebrities. Recently, An Ruifeng had been trying hard to lose weight for the thin image required in his first movie. Last month his custom-made men’s suit fit well, but today that same suit was so loose, it looked like it had been draped on a cloth-hanger. The clothing assistant raced against the clock for a long time to get the alterations done. He hurried to ensure that the suit fitted perfectly before the ribbon-cutting ceremony began.

In order to attract popularity, the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the subsequent press conference were outdoors. An Ruifeng was dizzy because of the sun. In the eyes of fans, this dazed look transformed into a feeling that their idol had added a “melancholic” temperament, and they pressed the shutter harder.

At the end of the long and difficult ceremony, the exhausted An Ruifeng fell on the sofa as soon as he returned to the rest area. He had to maintain his image in the presence of the people from the company and did not lie down directly, but anyone with eyes could see how tired he was. Today, he shook hands, signed autographs, hugged, and posed for photos with more than a thousand fans. An Ruifeng wondered who had this foolish idea to turn a ribbon-cutting ceremony in a store into a fan meeting.

Xu Zhiqiang walked to him and handed him a glass of water. An Ruifeng was about to take it, when suddenly his stomach growled. It was so loud that everyone in the room heard it clearly.

“Sorry! I was impolite." The apologetic smile on An Ruifeng's face hit people directly in the heart. He lightly pressed his stomach with one hand, frowning slightly. This slightly distressed look made the female manager sitting across from him feel upset.

The female manager hurriedly instructed her secretary: "What are you still waiting for? Mr. An has been working hard the entire day. What about the takeaway you prepared in advance? Quickly bring it and let Mr.An havehis fill."

The secretary rushed and brought a box of lunch. She was about to ha

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