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Chapter 5 - Meeting Demons

They just came up with the name randomly, I don’t know what it means.



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Xiang Cheng could only take the bathrobe and head to Room 702.

Chi Xiaoduo leaned against the head of the bed like a beached, depressed cuttlefish. He slapped his metaphorical tail against the bed a few times, his mind blank.

Forget it, he should just leaveba. He also didn’t even know where David had gone. Chi Xiaoduo got up, walked to the door, and was about to leave.

Xiang Cheng knocked on the door from outside. Chi Xiaoduo said, "Oh, are you back?"

Xiang Cheng walked in without saying a word, and Chi Xiaoduo raised his eyes, meeting his gaze head on.

This was a meeting arranged by fate; for the first time in his twenty-six years of life, Chi Xiaoduo really felt his heart momentarily skip a beat. It was like the moment when he was called on by a teacher when he was in college. In that unexpected moment, he lost control of his entire body, and his soul and body completely separated.

SO HOT AHHHHHHHH!Chi Xiaoduo almost cried out.

He was 1.85 meters tall, his skin was a healthy bronze color, and he was wearing a snow-white shirt and trousers. His facial features were deep and bewitching, and his sword-shaped eyebrows were beautiful. What's more, even while wearing this, he seemed neither overstated nor girlish; this handsome man was tall and big, and even with him just standing there, Chi Xiaoduo couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

It seemed that the other person was also in his mid-twenties, and he had a bathrobe on his arm.

Chi Xiaoduo couldn’t help but echooh my god, oh my god, what are they up to now? Who are you?!

Chi Xiaoduo's expression was both thirsty and confused, and Xiang Cheng said, "David isn’t feeling well, so he switched with me to give you an oil massage."

"O...Okay." Chi Xiaoduo completely felt as if he was meeting his dream lover, although it seemed that something was a bit off... It wasn’t the situation that was off, but the feeling that this person gave him. Wasn’t this person aduck? He didn’t seem like one at all though?

Xiang Cheng went into the bathroom with his bathrobe to change his clothes.

“Please take a seat. Wait just a moment, I'll be ready soon,” Xiang Cheng said from the bathroom.

On the bedside table and tea table, and all around, white roses were stuck everywhere, and music was playing.

In the bathroom separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall, a figure appeared. Xiang Cheng’s naked body was reflected on the frosted glass wall.

Chi Xiaoduo: “.....”

Xiang Cheng put on his bathrobe, tied it, and said to Chi Xiaoduo, "Sit down."

Xiang Cheng was obviously bare, with nothing else on his body besides the white bathrobe, and his chest was strong and powerful. When he rolled up the sleeve of his bathrobe, Chi Xiaoduo had to swallow a few times at the sight.

"Can I.

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