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Xiang Cheng took off his shoes and came out of the room barefoot, saying to Wang Ren, "You’ve worked hard. I’ll treat you to a meal someday for helping us move."

Wang Ren nodded and said to Chi Xiaoduo, "Get along well." And then he said to Xiang Cheng, "Take good care of the little mola fish."

Chi Xiaoduo was a little embarrassed; Xiang Cheng and Wang Ren said goodbye to each other, and after the three of them all let out a few “bye-bye’s”, Wang Ren walked out into the hallway. Xiang Cheng and Chi Xiaoduo closed the door while standing side by side, and the door clicked shut.

At that moment, Chi Xiaoduo had the illusion that it was like they really were a couple, and the door closed onto a room filled with sunshine.

Up until now, Chi Xiaoduo really felt as though he was dreaming.

Xiang Cheng took off his dirty camouflage coat, and wearing his tank, asked, "I'll help you sort things out?"

Chi Xiaoduo originally wanted to say “no need,” but since the two of them were living together now, being that polite wouldn’t be too good, so he immediately agreed and thanked him.

In the midst of the sunshine, the two of them began to unpack Chi Xiaoduo’s things in the living room. Chi Xiaoduo didn't ask Xiang Cheng about his clothes, instead just going in and finding an apron for him. Xiang Cheng had very few possessions, and as such, Chi Xiaoduo couldn't help but guess, were his possessions all in that woven bag? What did that signify? Did he break up with the client who had originally kept him?

Had he pawned off all his clothes to free himself??

"By the way, where's your car? Where did you park it? " Chi Xiaoduo asked again.

Xiang Cheng had gone shirtless and was now wearing the apron. The muscles on his bare back were well-defined, and there was some sweat on his back and shoulders, which made him seem even sexier . He studiously placed Chi Xiaoduo's books on the bookshelf and replied, "I borrowed the car from David."

Xiang Cheng knelt down on one knee and placed a book in the last available space. Chi Xiaoduo hugged his knees to his chest while crouching down by his side. He turned his head, and asked, "Are you planning on changing jobs?"

Xiang Cheng looked at Chi Xiaoduo and didn't speak.

Chi Xiaoduo's face turned red instantly, and his heart beat wildly. He seemed to feel that Xiang Cheng really did like him a little.

"Your book?" Xiang Cheng took out a copy ofThe Overbearing President Fell in Love with Me, flipped through a few pages, and found it very funny.

"Ah." Chi Xiaoduo’s whole face went red, and he said, "This one was...something the receptionist meimei used to read. One time she grabbed the wrong book and put it on my desk with my express packages, and then I brought it back...home by accident! Let go of itah!”

In fact, Chi Xiaoduo had bought it himself, and the receptionist Meimei had done nothing wrong to be attacked like this. However, at this time, Chi Xiaoduo apologized to

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