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The spring sunlight was bright and warm, and during the evening, Chi Xiaoduo, Wang Ren, and the intern under Wang Ren’s guidance had a meeting to organize the spots that they had picked out today, and to come up with a summary.

As Chi Xiaoduo nodded off, he listened to Wang Ren going on and on, and wondered why Xiang Cheng still hadn’t come to pick him up. Suddenly, outside the window, he saw Xiang Cheng sitting on the branches of the white fig tree, craning his neck to peek in.

Chi Xiaoduo: “...”

This was the third floor, and Chi Xiaoduo hurriedly gestured at him, indicating for him to get down quickly. Xiang Cheng made an “understood” gesture, and he hugged the tree trunk and slid down. As Wang Ren was speaking, a “fuck” suddenly burst forth from him when he saw Xiang Cheng’s agile, strong silhouette.

“Chi Xiaoduo!” Wang Ren chased after him.

Their meeting was over, but just as Chi Xiaoduo was about to make his escape, he was nabbed by Wang Ren.

“I’ve already set up the date for you,” Wang Ren said. “No matter what, you have to go have this meal today! It was very difficult for Xingjie to request time off, and he’s been waiting for you this entire time!”

The corners of Chi Xiaoduo’s mouth twitched. Xiang Cheng was waiting outside the yard on the bicycle, watching the two of them. Wang Ren had them bring the car out and said, “Xiang Cheng, you go back first, me and the little mola still have some stuff to do.”

Xiang Cheng nodded, but Chi Xiaoduo protested, “I won’t --!”

“Where to?” Xiang Cheng ducked his head to ask. He then said to Wang Ren, “I’ll send him there. Boss Wang, you can go home, it’ll be alright.”

Wang Ren hesitated for a moment, before telling him an address. Xiang Cheng then said, “Let’s goba.”

AAAAAHHHH- Chi Xiaoduo’s entire face was gloomy. Was he going to go with Xiang Cheng to an arranged date? Xiang Cheng took his bag and slung it behind him, and after Chi Xiaoduo clambered onto the front handlebars, the bicycle left.

“I’m not very familiar with the way, which way is it?” Xiang Cheng asked. “Are you tired after work?”

Chi Xiaoduo was very embarrassed. The sky hadn’t grown dark yet, and the sunset painted the Pearl River a golden-red. Xiang Cheng pedaled the bicycle, with Chi Xiaoduo riding on it. They followed the bicycle path alongBinjiang Road, passing through the shadows of the trees.

“Let me check the GPS.” Chi Xiaoduo pulled out his phone, only to see that Wang Ren had sent him a text. [Mola, don’t be stupid, think about it clearly. Xiang Cheng doesn’t even have a job, and it was only after he had a falling out with the association the day before yesterday that I learned he came from the countryside last month to find a job in the city, and he’s straight. These people know their own situations very well in their hearts, and they try every method they can to find a place to stay in large cities. Summing it up, he probably noticed that you like him, and he’s going t

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